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Introduced in 2009 by Chinar Farooqui, Injiri began its journey as a clothing label rooted in the appreciation of hand-weaving techniques. Rather than solely focusing on the final product, Injiri embraces storytelling, with each creation serving as a reflection of its intricate journey through numerous processes.

The Design Process

Injiri's aesthetic is defined by silhouettes of pure simplicity while embracing the constraints of textile methods, making for colorful yet elegant home and clothing staples.

Channeling India's rich tradition of craftsmanship, the brand resonates with the most discerning of individuals, making our launch of Injiri for Thistle Hill very exciting.

The Injiri design process centers around close partnerships with master weavers across various parts of India. By keeping their communication engaging and open with these keepers of human history, the design story of each piece showcases the diligent heritage of traditional textile making in it's most pure form.


Throughout human history, India has long been renowned for its exceptional handwoven fabrics, boasting a rich tapestry of styles, hues, textures, and distinctive attributes, each intricately linked to the region of its origin.

Many of India's crafts, particularly in textiles, bear unique identifiers associated with their geographical roots and the natural beauty that is "Real India".


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